Crista Meyer
Crista Myers Behavior Training Health Assistance Volhard Nutritional Consultant

Too often we only tell people what we think of their work when we are coming from a position of disappointment. Rarely do we take the time to thank people for doing what they do, day in and day out, when the job is well done. Neither do we pause to tell those important in our lives that they are so.

I want you to know that in getting to know you over the last couple of years, I have really come to value and admire you as a friend and in your professional capacity as a trainer. I love your quiet, honest and direct approach with dogs, their owners and all others you interact with each day. It is so obvious how much you love what you do and how much you really care about each and every animal or person that crosses your path. You also never miss an opportunity to thank others for what they do either, especially people who volunteer their time to help out with animals in need.

Through your large field socialization I have seen so many dogs move from a starting point of either complete lack of confidence, or the opposite extreme of being a total jerk, to having fantastic and balanced social skills. I still remember the day when that little female Pitt started out so absolutely terrified and, in one hour, had relaxed and begun to have conversations with other dogs. On realizing her emotional state most of the other dogs just gave her a berth and let her be. One little guy gently hung close to her as if to say "You're okay, I'm here with you". She slowly started sniffing with him and not being bothered that he was hanging close. The tail started leveling out and her muscles started relaxing. She was a completely different dog after just one hour being exposed to lots of other dogs having normal dog-dog interactions. You came up at the end to see if I'd seen that and said excitedly, with a big grin on your face, "and that is why I do this!"

Crista Meyer International Association of Canine Professionals/Professional Member #2230
Association of Pet Dog Trainers/Member Trainer #5561

Behavior/Training/Health Assistance Volhard Nutritional Consultant 713.269.8049

Chair, Training & Education Committee Houston Dog Park Association

Urban Tails, LLC
1618 Webster Street
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These Saturday morning socializations are one of the highlights of my Labrador's week too. He gets so excited when that Saturday alarm clock goes off as he just loves to get in that field and run with all those dogs!

You are also an invaluable referral resource for me. As you know, I don't like working with snarky or aggressive dogs, not at Urban Tails and certainly not when they are living with me for training. You are a huge resource for me to refer those calls to when they come in as well as for further evaluation of a dog that I have concerns about. I send customers to you with full confidence that they are in very good hands.

So, Jason, this note has gone longer than intended but I wanted to take a moment and thank you for being you. I count you as a very good friend and a colleague whom I admire tremendously. Keep up the great work Jason and know that, just like my Labrador, I look forward to seeing your smiling face each Saturday!

Newman Dog Pic
Newman owned by Julie Dail and very satisfied by Jason's training.

My awesome husky, Newman was adopted a little over one year ago as a 1.5 year old gentle, sweet dog who needed “refinement training”.  He did not tear up furniture, dig out of the yard, however, he loved chewing on electronics and other plastic items, as well as having other bad habits that young dogs generally exhibit without training.  Being a rescue dog, his story was not fully known other than it was speculated he escaped from his yard with no collar,  and unfortunately when found he had heart worms.  After Newman’s “incubation period” was over from his heart worm treatment and cleared by the veterinarian to resume normal physical activities, I knew he needed structured training by a professional dog trainer. 

Fortunately, I ran into a former co-worker who had all three of his dogs trained by Jason Vasconi and he said “don’t let anyone else train your dog but Jason, he has a genuine love and respect for dogs and our dogs are completely different after he trained them.”  In our first conversation, he told me up front what his goals and expectations were for the training and he would not return the dog until the goals were met.  Jason was caring, confident, and reassured me he would be able to break these habits and I would be happy with the results!  He is the “strong, silent type”  who gets in the dog’s psyche better than anyone.  This was evident when Jason trained Newman full-time for 5 weeks and my dog practically “looks up” to him out of respect and does to this day.  After the respectful and loving touch of Jason Vasconi, my husky is calm, well-mannered, responds to commands, goes on “pack walks” safely without the leash and ALWAYS returns to me when called!  How cool is that?  Jason and his training are the greatest gifts I have given Newman; not only has he been rescued and living in a safe, loving home for over one year, he now has a “home away from home with Jason” with weekly socialization class and boarding privileges!  Every dog owner I know who needs their dog trained, I recommend him and guarantee they will be happy with the results.

Julie B. Dial
League City, TX

 Boedecker Beagles
Boedecker Beagles

Jason Vasconi has made the quality of my household better by leaps and bounds. My wife and I are the proud owners of two beagles, one male and one female and if you have never owned a beagle before I will let you in on a well hidden secret they are very loud energetic and stubborn animals. My wife and I tried in vain to train our dogs; it didn’t take long for us to realize we were definitely out of our league. It was at that point that we went online and found Jason Vasconi. Our dogs have both been through Jason’s boarding school training. I would have to say that we have made the right decision in that both of our dogs are now well behaved off their leash and much happier members of our family. Thank you very much Jason!   

Kris and Anja Boedecker
Bacliff, TX

Miki was rescued from the streets of Pasadena.

We first went to Jason to get help in training a dog that we found on the streets of Pasadena and finally captured after two weeks. She was completely unsocialized with humans and dogs. We wanted help in getting that dog to socialize with other dogs, especially the three foundlings that we already had at our house.

Our local pack consists of an eight year old male, three-legged pit bull mix that was rescued from the streets of Houston, a two and a half year old of indeterminate mix found near a dump in Pasadena, and a year and a half year old Aussie Sheppard mix that showed up at a relative’s house nearly dead at an age of a few weeks. The latter two are females and all of them are “fixed”. The three had formed strong bonds among themselves and we were concerned about introducing a new dog into the mix.

The new dog, “Miki”, is just a little smaller than the smallest of the existing pack and appears to be a cattle dog mix. She has strong herding tendencies, and is very quick on her feet.

Jason came to our house and observed the dogs, which were kept separated, as well as the human element. After an hour or so of observing he suggested a plan to first begin training the new dog and socializing her with his pack of dogs. He then wanted to have her slowly socialize with our existing pack. He also provided key observations and suggestions as to how the humans needed to act, and in some cases substantially change the way they interacted with all of the dogs. For example, prior to Jason’s working with us, all of the dogs slept in bed with the humans. While this may seem like a loving idea, it left the dogs confused as to who was in charge, and on more than one occasion led to a poor night’s sleep. Jason said he could work with us in a group context or individually. We chose the individual approach.

It took only three or four sessions with Jason and Miki to see remarkable changes and improvement. She quickly mastered basic commands and good behavior, and began to understand how to socialize with other dogs. Jason then had us slowly integrate Miki into our existing pack by pairing her with one of the other dogs first, and then slowly expanding the number until it now includes all of our pack.

Miki and Freinds
Miki in the middle relaxing with her new friends but looking for squirrels.
While we continue to work on obedience training for all of our dogs, Jason has worked miracles in terms of quickly finding a way to both train Miki and integrate her into our existing pack. They now all play together both inside and outside as though they had been together forever (Photo: Miki in the middle relaxing with her new friends but looking for squirrels). Jason’s advice on human behavior with the dogs has led to regaining control of their behavior in the house. A single word, “off”, now clears the bed at night and they stay off unless invited back.

We highly recommend Jason to anyone who wants to train a dog, or who needs help in socializing his or her dog with other animals.

Clear Lake, Texas

Sammie was a dumped dog and very mistreated.

Sammie was a dumped dog and very mistreated. She did not want to mind us and was very hard to handle on a leash. Since going to training with Jason she has become a very enjoyable walk partner! I do not have to worry about her on walks. I can depend on her to act the same whether she has a leash on or not. Sammie also goes to Jason's socialization class and is very behaved.

Kathy Alexander

Laurie's Greyhound retired raser.
Laurie's retired Greyhound racer.

"Jason provided comprehensive and flexible dog training to my new greyhound (retired racer). I appreciated the way he took the time to ask me what I really wanted/needed out of dog training. My interests were focused on having a positive relationship with my greyhound such that she would come, stay, heel, and ultimately be safe off the leash for situations like parks and beaches. Jason did a fantastic job training my dog on all of these issues, so I am now a very confident greyhound owner. And, it's wonderful to see her run!"


Tod McVicker
Dog Trainer Tod McVicker with a couple of his dogs.

I've known Jason for many years; he is a talented trainer and runs one of the largest and well attended large field socialization classes I know of. He is down to earth and easy to talk to about dog issues.

Tod McVicker
Dog Trainer

Amber came to us as a stray and insecure.

Amber came to us as a stray. Right away, we could see that she was insecure around other dogs. Instead of the standard casual meet-and greet that dogs often do, Amber would be aggressive and on more than one occasion she drew blood when she met other dogs. After many tries, public dog parks became off limits and even walking her on leash in our neighborhood (where we have lots of off leash dogs) was a big stress. Jason suggested we bring her to the dog socialization class on Saturdays. I was hesitant, but he was confident that it would be okay.

We started bringing her and at first things were a little rocky - she would nip or growl at dogs when they came over to meet her. She did not know how to "read" dogs well. We persisted and have been taking Amber for almost three years. Her first instinct now is not to fight. She allows other dogs to sniff her and get to know her and she is comfortable greeting other dogs too. There are a couple of dogs there that she loves to play with. She plays hard, but she doesn’t transition into fighting mode anymore. In fact, the last time we boarded her at Jason’s while we were on vacation, he said that she did the best she had ever done. He was so comfortable with how she was responding to other dogs that he was able to leave her unsupervised with other dogs while he went inside from time to time.

Jason’s dog socialization has done wonders for Amber, and Amber absolutely loves Jason. I am not a dog, but if I had to guess I would say it is because Jason is calm, confident, and shows strong leadership when he is around the dogs. He is never fearful or uncertain, and Amber responds to this well. She had a lot of fear in her when she came to us, and he diffuses that in her just in the way he is and acts around the dogs. It comes naturally to him, and you can see this when you observe him with the dogs. As far as Jason and people, he is as genuine and down-to-earth as they come. He treats his clients like friends, and when you work with him, you feel like you have someone on your side, supporting you and the relationship you are building with your dog. Thanks, Jason, for all you do!

Stephanie Schottel
Clear Lake, TX

I am no longer afraid to take Carson anywhere, and he actually goes just about everywhere with me!

We adopted Carson when he was 16 months old from a rescue group. As with most rescues, Carson came with some baggage - he was very nervous around other dogs and would bark and lunge at strange dogs.

I contacted Jason after hearing about his socialization class he holds for free on Saturday mornings. I was immediately impressed with Jason's knowledge and patience. Carson goes every Saturday and has learned from the other dogs how to properly interact and socialize with each other. Carson also needed some refining on his obedience and especially his leash walking skills. We did private lessons with Jason to address these issues.

After the first lesson, I was able to walk Carson on his leash without being dragged down the sidewalk. Turns out I needed some training to become Carson's "pack leader". Jason taught me to understand how dogs think, how they are affected by our energy, and how to react to situations properly. I quickly learned how to assert myself properly and stay calm. Jason provided me with the knowledge, confidence, and the tools I needed to become a respected leader.

Jason helped turn Carson into a whole new dog! I am no longer afraid to take Carson anywhere, and he actually goes just about everywhere with me! Jason is an investment that will pay huge dividends! He has truly worked miracles for us!

Karen Brackins
League City, TX

Guinness, Torrie and Maxine
The BAPA dogs, my dogs and I are all better for you being in our lives.

After literally years of volunteering with Jason at Bay Area Pet Adoptions in the K9 Coaching program to help make the big dogs there more adoptable, I am truly in awe of what Jason can accomplish with a dog.

I can’t count the number of dogs at BAPA that have been labeled “aggressive with other dogs” that we have worked with, with Jason often taking the dog home with him for training. After a bit of time, love, patience and Jason’s enormous skill, those once aggressive dogs are at Saturday Social Park enjoying themselves, and a short time later, adopted by a loving family.

He has spent extra hours with me and a deaf dog, training her on an electronic collar so she could be “called back” off-leash. His dedication, love of the dogs and enormous gift of training has helped literally hundreds of dogs get adopted from BAPA over the years. I can’t thank you enough Jason. The BAPA dogs, my dogs and I are all better for you being in our lives.

Thank you for all that you do!

Amy Beasley
League City, TX
I like my walk much more because you taught HER to be the boss and simply let me have fun walking.

Dear Jason,

You finally won! My mistress thought that after you trained me, I would be the ” perfect darling” and at first, I was. But slowly I began to realize that I could be the Alpha(top dog) in the family and my folks would just have to live with it! I loved walking the two legged person and seeing her freeze around other dogs. She would then pick me up so I would not bark, growl, or attack. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN BEING HELD!

But, as I grew up and heavier (a striking 26 pounds), SHE found it harder to protect and walk me, an activity we both loved. SO, she called you to come retrain me to follow her commands. Within ONE LESSON, SHE was back on track as the Alpha walker in our family. Boy was I ever stunned. You followed us as we pranced down the street observing and giving instruction to make certain that SHE did everything the correct way.

Truthfully, it has been more relaxing for me with HER in the lead now. I like my walk much more because you taught HER to be the boss and simply let me have fun walking. The Pet Convincer training tool that you introduced really helped HER take the lead and feel comfortable wherever we travel.

I guess I will have to try some other antics- but if I do she will rat to you, Jason, the BEST DOG TRAINER IN GALVESTON COUNTY and spoil the fun for me. Guess it is easier to do it Jason Vasconi’s way.

B.J. Herz on behalf of Tango, the Tibetan Terrier and wonderful street walker
Galveston Island

Jason's philosophy is sound, his techniques are proven, and his customer service and professional demeanor is top notch.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jason for more than a decade. Jason's philosophy is sound, his techniques are proven, and his customer service and professional demeanor is top notch. He works hard to provide his clients with everything they need in order to lead successful and happy lives with their four-legged companions!

Thank you for all that you do!

Cyndy Douan,
IACP Hall of Fame Professional Trainer
At least once a week someone asks me how I trained my dog. I recommend Jason's class every time because of his dedication to his clients.

About 4 years ago my dog Lyla and I attended Jason's group obedience class. After that class and attending weekly socialization I now have a dog that my 63 year old mother enjoys walking with a flat collar.

2 years ago when we were expecting our first child I called Jason again. He helped me prepare Lyla for our new addition and she had no problems when we brought Aiden home.

When my son started to walk, Lyla developed several behaviors that worried me including lunging at other children, barking incessantly, and bolting away from us. Jason came over and translated for her! This is a dog I've lived with for 4 years, and in 5 minutes he saw the underlying problems that I missed and recommended techniques and tools that were realistic for our family. He supported us as we implemented everything, and gave realistic goals as we went.

Now Lyla comes with us everywhere. She is off leash at all the local parks, walking down the streets, with the front door wide open. When we meet other dogs on leash barking aggressively at us, (after a look at me) she walks calmly by (no leash). At playgrounds she is comfortable around the kids and listens to me. All the parents comment how obedient she is. When friends come to the door, (after letting us all know someone is there) she waits quietly for me to welcome them in. Most importantly for me, she is very patient with my son. She doesn't take food or toys from him, and moves out of the way when he walks in the door. We are now excited to welcome our second child, and we are confident that Lyla will continue to be an involved, and much loved part of our family.

At least once a week someone asks me how I trained my dog. I recommend Jason's class every time because of his dedication to his clients. 2 years and 4 years later he still was there for us when we needed him. It's a great feeling to trust my dog and enjoy her in all parts of our lives. I have the dog that makes other families consider adopting a dog!

Elisa Yates
Galveston Island

Watching Axle go from a lifeless sad existence to living in a beautiful home with other dogs, cats, chickens, horses, and a human brother, has been a journey we will never forget.

The Forgotten Pet Advocates received a call for help from a local kennel owner, on a dog deemed un-adoptable. After being abandoned in a boarding kennel for over 4 years, Axle became kennel crazy and was emotionally shut down. Seeing a need for the very best dog trainer, FPA contacted Jason Vasconi.

Jason visited Axle for evaluation and accepted him into his in-home training program. Axle was with Jason for 8 weeks, not only learning how to be a companion pet but how to just enjoy being a dog.

Watching Axle go from a lifeless sad existence to living in a beautiful home with other dogs, cats, chickens, horses, and a human brother, has been a journey we will never forget. "Transform My Dog and Jason Vasconi" definitely live up to its name!!

Marlene Marino
Founder, The Forgotten Pet Advocates

I would recommend Jason to anyone who wants their dog to be a better companion, as long as you are willing to accept that the training includes you and your dog.

I have a 7 year old stubborn dachshund that I had spoiled, treating him like my baby instead of my dog. How could I expect him to do what I told him, when I let him do whatever he wanted. I wanted to be able to take him more places and know he would not snap at people who try to pet him, and knew that I would need to be trained before I could train him to behave.

I had signed up my dachshund for in home training with one of the local dog training facilities. After 3 weeks of being in the trainer's home, they said I could keep him over the weekend and bring him back on Monday. I picked him up, and he was so sick I had to take him to the vet, who said it was most likely stress related. He didn't seem like he had learned anything while he was away, didn't follow any commands, and didn't even walk any better on a leash. Needless to say, I didn't take him back! They told me I could try the group classes and that's when we had the pleasure of meeting Jason.

He was teaching the classes at the time and I signed Dudley up for his class. It was amazing how simple all the instructions were to follow and how quickly he learned from his training, when after staying with another trainer 24 hours a day for 3 weeks he hadn't learned anything! I was amazed the first time I took Dudley for a walk and he stayed right next to me without being on a leash! Since then, I have become the new owner of Gridge, Jason's pit bull. He was looking for a less stressful home for her since he has to train aggressive dogs in his home sometimes. She was already the most well behaved dog I'd ever seen in my life, since Jason had trained her also. When he got her from a shelter she had been abused, and was pretty much completely shut down, but he completely turned her around and I'm happy to say she is a very happy girl who isn't afraid of people anymore, in fact she has to say hello to everyone she meets, and they all comment on how even tempered she is. All my neighbors know and love her when we go on walks.

Once I realized what I had to change about myself it was so much easier to get the dogs to listen to what I wanted them to do. I would recommend Jason to anyone who wants their dog to be a better companion, as long as you are willing to accept that the training includes you and your dog. Thanks for everything Jason!

Geri Morris
Webster, TX

I have taken several of his group classes for my dogs and each time I get something out of them.

I have known Jason for 7 years and he has trained 3 dogs of mine. He is very good at what he does. I have taken several of his group classes for my dogs and each time I get something out of them. I have also used Jason to train some of my dogs independently. He is dependable, calm, and patient.

I have used him when I have had a problem and totally trust him with my dogs. He volunteers his time at some of the local shelters and gives up his Saturday mornings for socialization for our dogs. I have witnessed Jason with challenging dogs and it is like watching the dog whisperer. Jason also stays updated and attends conferences and trainings on a regular basis. I would always recommend him.

Susan Storzum

Mia and Sophie
I now have both dogs waiting until they're told they can eat and sitting and staying until I release them to go out the door, all with Jason's training suggestions. Life at home is much more pleasant.

I have two rescue American Staffordshire Terriers, who if you know anything about the breed, are very high energy and strong. Mia, the oldest one had been through training with Jason in 2012, and I was so impressed with his techniques and results that I knew when I got Sophie last fall that she was going to go through his class as well. Truthfully I think the dogs did better than I did at first with the training. Even after going through the first class with Mia I still struggled on walks and it wasn't until after I completed the second class with Sophie and brought Mia back for a consultation with Jason, that I realized the problem wasn't the dog, it was ME! After watching Jason walk both dogs together, and not saying a word to them, just using leash corrections, something finally clicked and I had my "ah-ha" moment...I needed to keep my mouth shut and correct with the leash! Walks with both dogs are now enjoyable and something we all look forward to.

Mia also went to Jason's off-leash class, utilizing the E-Collar, and performs beautifully off-leash; she loves it when we go to the park and I turn her loose. Sophie will be attending Jason's next off-leash class and I look forward to taking both dogs out and letting them loose.

I now have both dogs waiting until they're told they can eat and sitting and staying until I release them to go out the door, all with Jason's training suggestions. Life at home is much more pleasant. I highly recommend Jason for anyone who needs a good trainer for a well-balanced dog and a much happier home life for both the family and the dogs. Jason's techniques are a combination of positive reinforcement and leash corrections and work beautifully. He is very patient with both the people and the dogs and doesn't think any question is too dumb. He is also available for questions and tips after you graduate from the class, which I love! You definitely won't go wrong if you go to Jason.

Lynn Medeiros
Houston, TX