Jason and Cesar 2001
Jason Vasconi and Cesar Millan.

Jason Vasconi

Imagine having your dog come when you call him rather than him giving you that look and then having him bolt in the opposite direction! What would it be like to be able to take your dog to the park and remove her leash knowing that you have reliable control over her with your voice?

Jason Vasconi and his son.
Imagine taking your dog on a leash walk without any pulling or barking, just enjoying the moment happily by your side. Wouldn’t you love to allow your dog to smell all the new odors and romp freely, doing what dogs enjoy doing most? Just dare to imagine the fun times you and your dog could have, if you could trust it to behave and listen when you needed it to.

With over 25 years of professional experience in the dog training industry, I can help you to achieve these and many other goals with your canine companion. I can help even the most difficult dogs learn the rules of your home and the commands of your voice.

I am a family man with southern values. I value every customer and form relationships with my clients on both personal and professional levels to establish the best rapport with your dog that is possible. Take a moment to read through the experiences on the Testimonial page of this site of some of the people who have hired me. Then, call me so we can talk about your dog and create that happy, loveable pet you have always wanted.

Rescue Organizations I Support

  • Bay Area Pet Adoptions –3000 Ave R San Leon, TX 77539 phone 281.339.2086 www.bayareapetadoptions.org
  • Second Chance Pets – P. O. Box 1216 League City, TX 77574 phone 281.286.3535 www.secondchancepets.org
  • Friendswood Animal Advocates – P. O. Box 722 Friendswood, TX 77549 phone 281.996.3391 www.friendswoodanimaladvocates.info/Home.php
  • Galveston County Animal Resource Center - 3412 Loop 197 North Texas City, TX 77590 phone 409.948.2485
  • Beagle Rescue – Houston, TX phone 713.987.2076 www.houstonbeaglerscure.org
  • Lab Rescue – Houston, TX www.houstonlabrescue.com

Contact these organizations for additional references!

Happy Dogs Make Really Happy Owners!

"...I want you to know that in getting to know you over the last couple of years, I have really come to value and admire you as a friend and in your professional capacity as a trainer. I love your quiet, honest and direct approach with dogs, their owners and all others you interact with each day"...read the complete testimonial
International Association of Canine Professionals Member
Crista Meyer

"...I ran into a former co-worker who had all three of his dogs trained by Jason Vasconi and he said “don’t let anyone else train your dog but Jason, he has a genuine love and respect for dogs and our dogs are completely different after he trained them"...read the complete testimonial
Julie B. Dial
League City, TX

"...we have made the right decision in that both of our dogs are now well behaved off their leash and much happier members of our family. Thank you very much Jason!"...read the complete testimonial
Kris and Anja Boedecker
Bacliff, TX

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